by Prog Planet

Six years after their latest release "Flesh", German proggers Everon are back with "North" to be released 28.04.08.
Songwriter, vocalist and keyboard player Oliver Philipps went to a Dutch North Sea coast for 5 weeks, writing the music for this album, a year later he returned to the Netherlands, this time to finish the lyrics on a Dutch island.
And as usual with Everons releases, the cover art is beautiful, including a lavish booklet with some very excellent images both in photoshop and art-work.

The music ranges from very heavy passages to more calm intervals (as with their former 2-3 albums) superbly and tastefully delivered, with an excellent production/sound!
Oliver Philipps has a strong, clear voice which (often) reminds this proghead of a young Greg Lake or even John Wetton at times. Philipps also delivers superb Keyboards all the way thru backing or blending with the great guitars of Ulli Hoever, this guy throws excellent powerchords and fine solos right at you, while Christian Moos beats the s... out of his drum kit, mind you in a superb way, along with bassplayer Schymy creating the firm foundations of the tunes this album holds.

Friends of Everon (like me, from day one... or should that be album one?!) will wanna own it !! The rest of you I think will have to decide for yourself, but please give it a spin or two. "North" deserves to be heard, for there is plenty of good powerprog and great passages to be heard, even though in all honesty this outing is not that progressive... well at least not in the true sense of the word. Oh... they have a brilliant female guest vocalist, Judith Stüber, on "Islanders", a beautiful track! Another great track would be "Wasn't it good" with an earhanger of a chorus line! "Brief Encounter" also got my attention after only one listen! So welcome back to these fine German musicians.
I hope your quest goes Everon (ahem) and all you progheads out there in search of direction, why not go "NORTH" !!