by Get Ready To Rock

German prog rockers Everon return after a lengthy break and not a band I was familiar with prior to hearing their new album. If like me you are new to this band then you are in for a treat! Musically they are very good at building up to wonderful harmony filled choruses as can be heard on ‘From Where I Stand’ and ‘Hands’, the latter featuring intricate guitar/keyboards interplay. The instrumental ‘Woodworks’ allows guitarist Ulli Hoever free reign and this is a very enjoyable, fast paced piece of music. Saga come to mind on both the title track and ‘Islanders’, which features guest vocalist Judith Stuber. ‘South Of London’ ups the tempo and again the band excel on the chorus, simply stunning and even after one play the tune sticks in your head. The frantic ‘Running’ finishes the album off in style and Dream Theater should note you can have intricate musicianship but still wrap it in a tight, melodic sound.
A real discovery and a joy to the ears! Along with the recent Expedition: Delta release, Everon prove you can successfully meld catchy melodic rock and progressive leanings and please lovers of both types of music. Don’t let this one slip you by as it is too good to get buried in all the new releases out there.

4,5 of 5