by The Progress Report

There are things that you know you can count on. The quality of an Everon album is one of those constants.

Bridge, the first of two releases from the band this year, is just that, another step forward for this fine band. Just when you think that they couldn't get any better, think Fantasma, they release this gem. Everon are one of the most dynamic progressive - some say prog-metal - bands recording today.

The CD opens with a short but dramatic intro song "Bridge Theme"; this leads into a typically strong Everon song "Across The Land". If you're a past fan of Everon you'll appreciate this tune for sure. The next song is easily one of the best songs Everon has ever done.. "Juliet" is such a strong number it could easily cross over and would have been a strong FM radio number, before MTV playlists started to dictate what most radio stations play.

What a great song. The next song "Travelling Shoes" is a nice mellow song that leads into "Driven". This song shows how Oliver Philipps' voice keeps on improving. "Driven" is another classic prog song. Another one of Everon's best. The production once again is stellar and Oliver is starting to be recognized as a top notch producer. Listen to the last Wolverine CD and you'll see how well he works with other bands and drastically improved Wolverine's sound from their previous album.

The next track "If You Were Still Mine" is a mid tempo ballad that comes across as passionate and powerful. This is another song that features the excellent guitar work that runs through the entire CD. The next song "Ten Years Late" returns the band to its Rush and metal influences. I have to say I'm a big Rush fan, but if I had to choose between "Vapour Trails" and "Bridge", I'd choose "Bridge".